About Us

Why does EcoEnclose exist?

We believe that leading eCommerce brands can and will become a sustainable and regenerative force for the environment. EcoEnclose exists to catalyze and support the conscious eCommerce community in achieving this vision. We have three specific priorities to make this happen.

To develop the world's most sustainable eCommerce packaging solutions.

If we sell it, we stand behind it. If we don't, it doesn't meet our rigorous sustainability standards. Our primary purpose is to develop and continuously improve packaging that helps you ship as sustainably as possible. We have an ambitious vision for the future of sustainable packaging, one focused on materials circularity and regenerative materials. We also have a detailed Sustainable Packaging Framework that enables us to make decisions and push our product set forward.

To be an EcoAlly to forward-thinking brands, helping them adopt eco-minded practices and supporting their success.

Between our research, website resources, newsletters, social media channels, and 1-1 interactions with our customers, we work hard to provide you with sustainability and business guidance. We hope you see us as a true partner - or EcoAlly - in your journey to be a more eco-friendly and thriving business. We also encourage consumers to purchase from the conscious eCommerce companies in our community - the ones actively trying to make a positive impact through upcycling, recycling, creative sourcing, enriching communities, employing vulnerable populations, and more. We also seek to motivate the overall eCommerce industry to pursue progressive strategies across all supply chain steps - sourcing, packaging, shipping, reverse logistics, and end-of-life.

To be an "ecologically net positive" company by 2030.

We work towards a future in which our products, operations, and supply chain are a positive, regenerative force for the planet. We are striving toward a future in which the act of selling one of our products leads to carbon reduction and a more robust environment. We are proud of our current packaging line, primarily made with 100% recycled materials, but we know there is much more to do. Achieving our goal will require new ways of thinking about our packaging, operations improvements, logistics and shipping changes, and so much more.

We love hearing from you - the forward-thinking eCommerce brands committed to making business a force for good by making ethical, sustainable, thoughtful decisions at every turn. Please reach out anytime with comments or suggestions on how we can be fantastic Eco Allies to our community. Thank you for letting us be a small part of your business!